Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is key for any job interview, making sure you are as prepared as you can be and trying to stand out against the opposition. One way of doing this is focusing on preparation and making sure you have the knowledge…

  • Research the company to understand their current business operations, do this by looking through their website, studying their properties, finding out about their portfolio and understanding what they offer. Look at the brand, menus, accommodation and event space if relevant.
  • Speak to anyone you know who works for that company to get the inside track and knowledge.
  • If possible always do a site visit prior to the interview. Go and stay in the hotel, eat in the Restaurant. Get the customer experience, this will help you understand what lies ahead.
  • Prepare a presentation if appropriate or ‘highlights’ package of you and what you are about.
  • Use Linkedin to research the people that are conducting the interview.
  • Get an understanding of what they want from the role, make sure the job spec is clear.
  • Explain your style and how you operate – what are your 5 key attributes that you bring to the table?
  • Give examples of your key achievements in your previous roles. Talk about staff development, improvements in sales and trading levels, success that came as a direct result of your actions.
  • How you deal with challenging situations, give examples of things you have done to overcome them.
  • Always refer to things you have done in current or previous roles as examples of how you work and your style.
  • Sell yourself as an overall package – Think of 5 key things that make you stand out. What is it that makes you a great candidate for this role and for this company.
  • Ask questions about the reporting line, current business trading levels, any current challenges and areas of immediate concern and focus.
  • Future plans for expansion, how they want to expand their business and how you can develop with them.