Interview Tips


We advise always dress smart for an interview, first impressions are key and when you look good you also naturally feel more confident so dress to impress and make your statement as soon as you walk through the door!


Preparation is essential to make sure you boss the interview. We will always provide as much information as we can prior to the interview. We will explain about the client and the job description, we will talk through the background of the business and also the owners. We will tell you about the person that is conducting the interview and what they like and don’t like! We will give you their Linkedin profile so you can understand who you are meeting. We will give you our feedback and share our thoughts around the venue. We always suggest a site visit if possible prior to interview so that you fully understand the property. Go and experience it for yourself and get a real feel about it from a customer point of view! Prepare questions that you want to ask about the company, the role and what is expected. If you know anyone who works for the company pick up the phone and have a chat with them, get the inside track!

What to take with you: Always take a copy of your CV, even though the client will have a copy. Prepare a list of questions about the role and the company, make sure they are the right fit for you as much as you are the right fit for them. If it is appropriate, take a presentation or examples of work and success you have done in the past.

Time keeping:

Always arrive early, give yourself time to relax and prepare properly without the stress of being late. Allow for traffic problems and public transport being late. Plan your route so you know exactly where you need to travel. If you can, arrive early and have a look round the venue for some last minute prep.


Interviews can make people nervous and apprehensive, try and relax and be yourself so that your true personality comes through. Always focus on the positives in every aspect rather than negatives. Also focus on the reasons that the particular company you are interviewing with appeals to you and why you feel you will add value and be a great asset to that business. Be confident but not cocky.

Finally… Leave a lasting impression for the right reasons. Find a way to stand out in the minds of the interviewee. Leave your mark and make sure you are the one that they are picking up the phone to offer the job.